Did Nicki Minaj Have Plastic Surgery?

Many people have said they have noticed a change in Nicki Minaj’s appearance, but it is not known if she did have plastic surgery. Many believe that she has had a nose job since it is now thinner than it used to be. She denies all claims that she had plastic surgery.




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Who did Nicki Minaj’s plastic surgery?

No one….more

Where did Nicki Minaj have plastic surgery?

Nicki Minaj had surgery on her bresat, her bottom, her face and she had liposuction….more

what plastic surgery has nicki minaje had?

Some people claim she has had facial reconstruction, lip injections, brow…more

How much did Nicki Minaj spend on plastic surgery?

Over $100,000. Including breast implants, lipo, and a nose job….more

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