Difference between Lipitor and Zocor?

The difference between Lipitor and Zocor lies in its potency. Lipitor is approximately two times more potent than Zocor. It is used for lowering blood cholesterol.

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Both are STATINS . beware . especially if one has a family history of liver problems. In some cases, Vitamin B3 (Niacin) can effectively do the same thing and it is an OTC drug….more

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Clinical Therapeutics Journal, mined a large database of health-care records and found that patients taking Lipitor had a 12% lower risk of a cardiovascular event than those on simvastatin…more

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The ZOCOR vs. LIPITOR Copyright 2006 Harvard Health Publications is now outdated with the release of ZOCOR released generic SIMIVASTATIN. My question is "What do the clinical…more

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