Difference between Seltzer and Sparkling Water?

There is no difference between seltzer and sparkling water, both are simply names for soda water–club soda is another name as well. Seltzer and sparkling water can be used in cocktails or you can drink them on their own. They can also be used to clean stains.

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what is sparkling seltzer water?

Sparkling seltzer water can be defined as plain water with carbon dioxide gas dissolved it it. The major ingredient in soda drinks is seltzer water. The carbonation within seltzer…more

What is the difference between seltzer and sparkling water?

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What is the Difference between Seltzer water and Sparkling water?

Seltzer water is the carbonated water that is used in soda-pop beverages to give the soda carbonation. Sparkling water is just regular water with carbonation to it. Kind of confusing…more

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