How to Cure Split Ends?

To cure split ends in hair you will need to cut them off. Keeping your hair trimmed is the best way to prevent them as well. You should also use a natural bristle brush to prevent more split ends.


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how to cure split ends?

1. heat stove, put honey in pan.. heat till runny. 2. remove from heat. 3. add oils and vinegar. 4. put all through hair, saturating especially the ends… wrap head in plastic wrap…more

What is the cure for split ends?

To get rid of split ends, the best thing to do is keep your hair low maintenance….more

How to Trim Split Ends?

Split ends are mainly caused by heat damage. So if you want to trim the spit ends of your hair you can either go to a salon or you can attempt to do it on your own. If you do it on …more

How to cure split ends?

The best way to cure split ends is really to just get them cut off! What I did was wait it out abit so my hair got longer so when I got them cut my hair wasn’t too short : use any…more

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