What does ‘heterogeneously dense breast tissue’ mean?

Heterogeneously dense breast tissue will appear opaque to xrays in the same way as a tumor. This makes determining whether or not a woman may have cancer if she has a dense thickening of breast tissue. Digital imaging may be a way around this.




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What does “heterogeneously dense breast tissue” mean?

My grandmother always had very firm breasts for her age. I just had a mammogram, and I am 68 years old, and my report said "breast tissue is heterogeneously dense". I think…more

How can I tell if I have dense breast tissue?

Dense/fibrous tissue is usually a classification (or even a comment) that a doctor would make. It’s hard to describe but it could mean anything from thick or full to bumpy/lumpy breasts…more

what do these results mean, my mammogram result read nodular fibroglandular tissue/ dense breast/ fibrocystic changes?

It means you have denser breast tissue with less fatty content. It makes mammograms more difficult to read, but has no bearing on the risk of breast cancer….more

when i asked if something is wrong – she said let me se and read over the paper.she said it came up as dense tissue in hte right breast?

No. Mammogaphy is not a science, not at all. They’ve done studies, showing the same x-ray to a dozen doctors, and their analyses were all over the map. You see there are lots of fudge-factors…more

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