Why Are You Craving Lemons?

There are some possible reasons in which one would crave lemons. Some pregnant get a craving for lemons, however- non-pregnant women and men can also crave for them. One possible reason for this is one has a nutrient deficiency (such as vitamins and magnesium) and the body is telling them to compensate for it by craving for food that can fill that deficiency.


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Why crave lemons?

Lemons are craved because of the citric acid in them. The sourly taste makes you want more. But if you are not a big fan of sour foods then you do not crave them. Hope I helped!…more

Why are you craving lemons?

They are a good source of vitamin b and c and have other great values!…more

What causes a craving for lemons?

Maybe Magnesium deficiency. Maybe you have trouble sleeping as well….more

how to reduce sugar cravings with lemon-honey tea?

1. Ginger reduces cravings and imparts many health benefits for your body. Grate fresh ginger until 1/2 tsp. grated ginger is produced. 2. Boil one cup of water. Pour the boiling …more

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